LCFC Arctic Foxes


LCFC Arctic Foxes was founded in Oulu, Finland in 1996 by two Leicester born fans. It is probably the northern most Leicester City Football Club supporters club in the world – LCFC Official Website.

The city of Oulu is famous for the annual World Air Guitar Championships where fearless contestants from around the world battle to win the coveted Air Guitar crown. Leicester’s Kasabian and Showaddywaddy would be at home here.

Arctic Foxes are as fearless as their Leicester City relatives – they endure watching LCFC games in winter with outside temperatures below minus 30C, whilst in summer reverse floodlights are needed for the midnight sun.

Wearing their distinctive white home kit in the winter Arctic Foxes switch to a brown away kit in the summer. This is a cunning foxy way to confuse the opposition.

Anybody with Arctic attitude and a love of the Foxes is welcome to join us via the Contact Page