EARCOS Teacher-as-Researcher Multicultural Curriculum Project


September 1994 – June 1996

Coordination and participants

This teacher action research project was coordinated by Nishimachi International School, Japan and International School of the Sacred Heart, Japan with teachers participating from other international schools in Thailand and Japan.


  • to share experiences of creating multicultural and international K-12 curriculum
  • to research, write, and disseminate those experiences

Training approach

  • a seminar (January 1995, Tokyo, Japan) was held to:
  • introduce the basic principles of teacher action research
  • initiate an action research project on their own practice to internationalize the curriculum
  • the key ideas and assumptions behind the project were that:
    • given internationalisation is a process, the trickle-down view of educational theory leading to changes in practice is not particularly relevant. The knowing-in-action relationship of theory to practice with teacher as reflective practitioner is more appropriate
    • a collaborative method is needed when challenging structures, practices and curricula
    • teachers need time to reflect in order to act and transform


  • a document was produced with the writings of the teacher participants

My role

I was the co-director of the project