Altering Attitudes Project


December 2000 – November 2001

Coordination and participants

The project (funded by the EU) was coordinated by Scottish Human Services Trust, Scotland with project partners from Wales, Finland, Ireland, and the Netherlands. All the partners were involved in training methods to challenge one or more types of discrimination.


The project looked at a range of training methods and approaches used by equality trainers to tackle discrimination based on race, age, sexual orientation, and disability with the aim of developing a new training programme which addressed several types of discrimination. The specific objectives were:

  • To develop and deliver “equality training” to challenge discrimination in order to create a fair and inclusive society for all.
  • To use a “horizontal approach” to addressing discrimination addressing multiple forms of discrimination, including ageism, heterosexism, racism, and ableism.

Training approach

  • A training cycle was developed with the following workshops:
  • Checking out people’s understanding and raising awareness of discrimination
  • Challenging myths and stereotypes
  • Offering an alternative view
  • Encouraging personal reflection and action


  • A training pack was produced and training delivered to adults in a variety of organisations.

My role

I was a partner in the project and introduced the training cycle concept based on the GLEE Project transformative pedagogy.