GNH Education Finland

GNH Education Finland is a project to explore how Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness (GNH) development paradigm can contribute towards Finland’s Education for Sustainable Development programmes.

The project is based on a partnership between Oulun Lyseon lukio and 7 schools in Paro, Bhutan. The schools in Bhutan are engaged in a teacher action research Transformative Education for GNH Project with the Royal Education Council and 7 Paro Schools.

There have been 2 Leadership Training Courses in spring 2011 and 2012 facilitated by Timothy Bedford and Rosalind Cooper. The main aim of the courses is for teachers to develop the capacity to implement their action research plans to promote GNH in their schools.

In addition the courses have included transformative pedagogy, media literacy, documentary filmmaking for GNH, and ICT skills such as SUSNET – a web-based learning environment.

The work in Bhutan will provide a means for reflecting on the ways in which Bhutan’s unique GNH development paradigm can have a positive impact on Education for Sustainable Development in Finland. As Vandana Shiva has said:

Perhaps Bhutan is not a little island; it is a lighthouse for the way the world should be if the world has to have a future.