GLBTQ Educational Equity (GLEE) Project

The GLBTQ Educational Equity (GLEE) Project was the context for my doctoral action research LINK. The Project received 3 years of funding (1999 to 2002) from the EU Socrates programme to develop (with an international training team) a Leadership Training Course for European school teachers. The main objective of the course was to empower teacher participants to develop and carry out actions within their own school communities and form transnational projects to promote GLBTQ educational equity.

A Pilot Leadership Training Course took place in 2000 and was followed by another Leadership Training Course in 2002 (both in Oulu, Finland). These courses led to individual actions in schools as well as 2 transnational EU funded projects (Towards an Inclusive School and Inequality in School). The actions included: workshops for colleagues, school counselling initiatives, integrating GLBTQ issues into the curriculum, and production of materials on GLBTQ educational issues.
Following the course, the participants became part of an internet-based support network called GLEENET. This network provided a resource centre as well as a space for communication between participating teachers to support their own local actions and transnational projects.